A Deeper Fried Jam
is socio-political cabaret that weaves funky live music, dance, action, song and video projection. It's an episodal series of stark perspectives on contemporary existence in this world, from an urban Indian location. Episodes range from the romance of 'Baby', the commerce of Tycoon',  pure nostalgia of ‘Jamun’ and the humanism of Mahatma Gandhi inspired 'Dandi'. Food is an important running thread in the show - steaming, chopping, baking, flattening- actions to do with cooking often become metaphors for events and of our times. There's live camera, live music, a performer in electrifying conversation. A collaborative creation of:

Ashim Ghosh - live and pre recorded sound 
Surajit Sarkar - live feed and multi media 
Maya Krishna Rao - script, performance, direction 
First performed Mar. 2002