based on short story by
Chimamanda Adichie

This is a solo performance around a theme that holds universal appeal. Mrs. Njoku’s daughter, Sochienne, has just returned home to Lagos, having completed her studies in America. She has changed. Living in the west has given her seemingly new values but has also brought her close to her roots, in strange ways. The mother, however is ‘western’ in a post – colonial sort of way and so the stage is set for a clash! It’s a non - stop boxing match between a mother and daughter, exciting and moving and the performer hurtles between both characters.

Sound Design Samar Grewal
Directed and performed by Maya Krishna Rao


An unstoppable woman seeks to make her life more meaningful, and yours, vicariously. She is an expert on everything- from food, politics to inner peace. It’s another thing that some themes get a little jumbled in her head sometimes. But the final score is always philosophical.
The show has episodes – short, sharp, affectionate, sometimes moving glimpses of the urban citizen’s idiosyncrasies and obsessions.
The artist, through characters that change with lightning speed- much like in a Hindi film- takes the audience on a roller coaster ride that goes from the spiritual journey of an NRI jogger to the car- obsessed travails of a culinary expert on television to an incomparable audio visual ‘autobiographical tale’…and more.

The-4-Wheel-Drive-"Come-to-me-Mr. Sharma"

-Bodyfat-Murdered Show 

...... many versions
first performed: Delhi, 1997 with 
Performers: Shumita Didi, Mimansa Sahay, Maya Krishna Rao
Directed by Maya Krishna Rao

Maya's material for comedy could come from an item in the morning papers, an advertisement, urban citizens' idiocyncracies or simply a single statement of a politician...

...and various spur-of-the-moment comedy in a range of settings - art galleries, outdoor spaces, living rooms....